Wisconsin Residential Window Film Install

Wisconsin Residential Window Film Install

About the project

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we take great pride in our ability to solve our customers' window-related challenges. When we received a call from a homeowner in Beldenville, Wisconsin, who was struggling with heat infiltration and blinding glare, we knew we had the perfect solutions to transform their living environment.

Upon arriving in Beldenville, we were greeted by the picturesque scenery and a homeowner who had been dealing with excessive heat even during the winter months. It was clear that their windows were allowing heat to bleed through, creating an uncomfortable and warm environment. We carefully assessed the situation and determined the windows most prone to direct sunlight. To tackle this issue head-on, we got to work installing our premium window films, specifically designed to combat heat gain. These innovative films act as a protective barrier, significantly reducing the amount of heat that enters through the windows. We were confident that our solution would bring them the relief they desperately needed.

However, that wasn't the only concern voiced by the homeowners. The snowy landscape was causing intense glare, making their home painfully bright. We understood the importance of finding the right balance between reducing glare and preserving the scenic views. Our team recommended the installation of sheer weave interior solar shades. These shades allow a soothing, filtered natural light to enter the home while effectively mitigating the blinding glare caused by the snowy surroundings. We knew this addition would greatly enhance their overall comfort and enjoyment of their home.

With our expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we successfully completed the installation of window film on the sun-exposed windows, as well as the installation of sheerweave interior solar shades. The transformation was remarkable. The homeowners now have a more comfortable living space, free from the discomfort of excessive heat and the overwhelming brightness caused by glare. They can now fully appreciate the beauty of their surroundings without any hindrance.

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