Balsam Lake Brewery & Market

Balsam Lake Brewery & Market

About the project

Balsam Lake Brewery Market just got an upgrade with Sun Control of Minnesota's window film!

Our goal was to improve the overall comfort and aesthetics of their space with just your typical window film.

"How?" you may be asking.

We achieved this by installing a high-performance window film on the west-facing windows, specifically designed to reduce heat gain and glare. Now all the guests are able to drink their beer and shop for locally without worry of leaving with a sun tan or be blinded by the light. Also for Balsam Lake Brewery Market, they also get a reduced energy bill since the window film will regulate the temperature in the building, and their AC will be doing less work.

Secondly, the film blocks harmful UV rays. This crucial benefit protects Balsam Lake Brewery Market's furnishings from fading over time, and protects their customers who may have a sun sensitivity, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

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Zach and Brock Installing Window Film In Stillwater, Minnesota