Which Window Tinting Company In St. Paul Should I Pick?

Which Window Tinting Company In St. Paul Should I Pick?

TL;DR: Sun Control of Minnesota is a perfect match for you, with over 40 years of experience and 4.8 Star rating across 240+ reviews. 

Now for the breakdown.

You’re driving down the street, pull up at a stop sign, and a mustang pulls up beside you. Everything about the car is a neckbreaker until you look at the windows and see it’s bubbly. 

We hate to see it, but unfortunately, it happens. People invest in a luxurious car, and tend to skimp out on the window tinting. 


They might think all window film is the same and that the installation is easy enough that anyone could do it. They might have not done their research. Whatever it may be, we’re here to guide you towards making the right decision.

How Experienced Are They?

There are some window tint prodigies out there that can pick up any window film and install it no question asked, however those are few and rare. While a beginner can excel with proper training, or with enough trial and error, opting for a professional is often the safer bet.

The more experience a shop can offer, the more likely the car will come out with a perfect tint job since they have experience at hand, or have paid for the proper training for any of their newer employees. 

Here at Sun Control, we’ve been in business for 40+ years, with most of our installers having a decade plus of experience. We’re able to ensure we get your project completed properly and efficiently. Plus, you’d be supporting a local business <3.

What Do The Reviews Say

This is my personal rule, so take my bias however you will. I believe any company that has a straight 5 star review is hiding something or is paying for reviews. I can’t explain why, I just feel an established company will not always have 100% satisfaction immediately. It’s okay if you see a shop with 3 star reviews or 4 star reviews. Go through what the reviews say, and more importantly, see how the company responded. A professional company would respond, attempting to remedy the situation, or talk with compassion rather than blaming the driver for rolling their windows or what not. 

We’re currently sitting at around a 4.8-star rating on Google with 240+ reviews. Our customers have shared their satisfaction, highlighting great customer service, fair pricing, a variety of options, and a friendly staff. And although most of our reviews have been 5 stars, we’ve had our fair share of lower reviews and you can see how we’ve responded to take care of our customers. We’re not perfect, but we aim to improve with every day we’re in business.

What Tint Options Do They Offer?

Not all tint is created equally.

We’ve seen tints from Walmart that look great within the first few months, and then immediately starts to fade or bubble. eBay surprisingly has good selections if you search deep enough and buy from tint shops who can supply dealer only options. But for the most part, getting your tint installed directly from a company provides added benefit.

A reputable window tinting company can provide you with a range of quality options depending on your needs, wants, and budgets. For example, we offer FX, Pinnacle, and Stratos - each using quality film to prevent fading and bubbling, and more designed to fit in your budget. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about it! All our films come directly from the manufacturer, and we have exclusives that can get you your desired look and feel with the benefits.

Do They Offer a Warranty?

Warranties are essential for peace of mind. Even with the best installation, unforeseen issues can arise. Sun Control of Minnesota uses products that come with warranties, some lasting a lifetime, and if it’s within a certain time frame, we’ll be able to do a replacement for you or fix any issues that may come up. You won’t get that with your Facebook Marketplace Installer!

Always remember these 4 questions, and you’ll be on the right path:

  • How experienced are they?
  • What do their reviews say?
  • What tint options do they offer?
  • Do they offer a warranty?

Most of the information you’ve read has come directly from our collective experience here at Sun Control of Minnesota here in St. Paul. We might have a bit of bias towards out company, but at the end of the day, we want to make sure you get the quality you deserve. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’ll get the tint ready for you!