What you need to know about Security Film

What you need to know about Security Film

At Sun Control, we offer a wide variety of different security solutions. These include security film, DefenseLite, and Bulletshield. We offer these solutions to help provide enhanced protection against things like forced entry, smash-and-grab burglaries, and other types of criminal activities. These security solutions are made to fortify windows and doors, which in turn is going to make them more difficult to penetrate. They help to add a layer of protection for anyone in buildings and for your valuable assets. Our team of experts here is going to work with you to assess what you are looking for in security needs and recommend what the best solution is to meet your wants and needs.


Security Film


Security film is a window film that is made to help provide an added layer of protection and security against any forced entry attempts, attempted burglaries, and any other criminal activities that may occur. The film is made from a thick, durable material that is bonded to the inside surface of your existing windows. This, in turn, creates a barrier that is going to be difficult for anyone to penetrate. One of the biggest advantages of having security film is its amazing ability to withstand impact and prevent the glass from shattering, even under strong force. This is going to make it way more difficult for robbers and intruders to get inside the building and steal valuables or cause damage. This is important because it can also help reduce the risk of an injury from the broken glass. This is because it holds the shards in place and helps prevent them from scattering around.



DefenseLite is another type of window film that is specifically designed to protect buildings from forced entry attempts and other criminal activities. DefenseLite is a patented glazing security solution that is able to use a combination of high-strength polycarbonate and structural adhesives to create an impenetrable barrier over existing windows and glass doors. One of the biggest advantages that DefenseLite offers is that it has the ability to deter any intruders from breaking in before they ever occur. It is designed to be virtually impenetrable, with a multilayered construction that resists impact, cutting, and prying attempts. This is going to make it difficult for criminals to access the building and steal any valuables you may have in the building.




BulletShield is a type of safety and security film that is made to resist impact from bullets, explosions, and any forced entry attempts. This film is a multi-layered film that is made up of an optically clear adhesive layer, a tear-resistant film layer, and a high-strength mounting adhesive layer. This film is usually installed on the inside of the windows and any glass doors in commercial and residential buildings to reinforce them against break-ins, bomb blasts, and any ballistic threats. The BulletShield Security Film is tested and certified by independent organizations to ensure its effectiveness against various types of threats.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we want to help make our customers feel safe. We offer state-of-the art security film to help keep you and your valuables safe. Give us a call today to get some more information about security film and ask us what we can do for you to make you feel more safe.