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What Style of Color Changing Wrap Is Right For Your Vehicle?

When people start to think about car wraps, they tend to think of the normal vinyl wrap that is applied to a vehicle to change its color. There is another type of wrap that can be applied to a vehicle of your choice, and it is one that changes color. What are the differences between this type of wrap and regular color-change wraps?




There are a lot of benefits to getting color-changed vehicle wraps. The biggest benefit is that you can choose from a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes to help create a unique style for your vehicle. Whether you end up wanting a nice, bold, eye-catching color or a subtle yet sophisticated finish, there truly is a wrap out there that will meet whatever your needs are. Another nice benefit is that color-changing vehicle wraps are truly cost-effective. If you compare this to a traditional paint job, the vehicle wrap is much more affordable. It helps that a wrap can end up being removed or changed a lot easier than paint. Which allows for greater flexibility in terms of customization.


Color-changing vehicle wraps, believe it or not, help protect your vehicle. What the wrap does is that it helps protect your original paint job from any scratches, dings, and other types of damages that you may not expect. This is beneficial for anyone who wants to help preserve the value of the vehicle over a certain amount of time. When you think about maintaining the color-changing wrap, you should realize that it is pretty simple. The wrap can be washed and cleaned just like any normal vehicle, and there are no minor scratches or inconveniences.

How they work


Designing a nice color change wrap can be a fun and creative process for everyone involved. The wraps are made of a nice, high-quality vinyl that conforms to the curves and contours of the vehicle you are putting it on. The vinyl is going to be applied in sections very carefully and trimmed to help ensure a perfect fit. The process usually takes around a few days to complete, as we want to make sure that it is done as perfectly as possible. Of course, this can differ depending on how complex a design you want and the size of the vehicle you are getting the wrap on.



There are so many different styles to choose from, with each style having its own look and feel. Let’s briefly go over the different types.


  1. Gloss: Gloss wraps are a shiny, reflective finish that is going to make your vehicle look sleek and modern. The style is great for anyone who wants a bold, eye-catching look.
  2.  Matte: Matte wraps are going to offer a smooth, non-reflective finish that is going to give your vehicle a sophisticated look. This style is going to be great for those who are going for a more subtle look.
  3.  Satin: Satin wraps offer a finish that is between gloss and matte. This style is going to be great for those who want a unique and customized look for their vehicle.
  4. Metallic: Metallic wraps offer a reflective finish that can create an illusion of depth and dimension. This is going to be great for anyone who wants a more luxurious look.
  5. Chrome: Chrome wraps are a mirror-like finish that is going to make your vehicle look like it’s made of polished metal. This is going to be perfect for anyone who wants a unique and attention-grabbing look.
  6. Color Shift: Color Shift wraps are going to offer a unique look that changes depending on the angle and lighting. This is great for anyone who wants a constantly changing, dynamic appearance for their vehicle.
  7. Textured: Textured wraps are going to offer a finish that mimics the look and feel of a multitude of materials, such as leather or wood. This style is great for anyone who wants a more tactile, textured look.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we are a professional vinyl wrap installation company that can assist with all your color change vehicle wrap needs. Our team of experienced designers and installers can help you choose the right style and color for your vehicle. Get started on designing your vehicle by getting in contact with us today!