What are Color Changing Vehicle Wraps?

What are Color Changing Vehicle Wraps?

When it comes to getting a car wrap, most people think of the standard vinyl that is applied to a car to change its color. There is another type of wrap that can be applied to a car, and that's one that actually changes the color. This type of wrap is often referred to as a "car wrap that changes color." You might be wondering, What does that mean? And what are the differences between this wrap and regular color-change wraps? We will be talking about all those questions and more in this blog.

Color Change vs. Color Shift

 Color shift wraps are wraps that change color, and color change wraps are wraps that alter your vehicle's color. Color shift wraps tend to be made up of several layers with different colors when viewed from different angles. What this means is that if the light hits the film from one angle, it will create an iridescent effect, while if it hits from a different angle, it will create an entirely different color. This is what helps give it the changing color effect.


Color-changing wraps are simply wraps that have been applied to your car to help change its color. These solid wraps can be gloss, satin, or matte and come in various different colors. You will also be able to change the color with a textured or carbon fiber finish. When they are applied, they completely cover the car and change the color entirely. The solid color changes will always look the same, regardless of how you view them.


Both types of wraps are a great way to change the look of the car, and both have benefits, but if you are looking for a wrap that will always look the same no matter what, then a color-changing wrap is going to be what you are looking for.


When you design a color-changing vehicle wrap, it's a fun and creative process. At Sun Control, you can work with a professional designer to help you create a custom design that reflects your personality and style. With all the different and unique styles of color change wraps to pick from, each offers a unique look and feel. Our most popular style is a gloss wrap. Gloss wraps have a shiny, reflective finish that makes your vehicle look sleek and modern. This style is great for those who want a bold, eye-catching look.

Installation Process 

Once you figure out the design and it's complete, the installation process begins. When working with a professional installer, the installer will apply the vinyl to your car and take care of it to avoid bubbles, wrinkles, and other imperfections. Once the vinyl is in place, it will be carefully trimmed to ensure a perfect fit.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we are a professional vinyl wrap installation company that can help with all of your color-changing vehicle wrap needs. Our team of experienced designers and installers will help you choose the right style and color for your vehicle. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started on your color-changing vehicle wrap.