The Meaning Of Colors In Logos

The Meaning Of Colors In Logos

Colors are emotional and powerful. We all have connections to specific shades and colors. We all have individual affinities for distinct hues that are based on our personal experiences and memories over time and help create positive or negative associations. So when you are considering your logo and branding, you need to think about what colors you are going to use, and there are certainly a lot more than meets the eye. It doesn’t matter if you work with a professional designer or use a free logo maker. You need to be able to recognize the importance of a logo's colors because they can make or break your brand.




Red is fire. It is a nice, eye-catching, and hard-to-miss color, which makes it a popular choice for a nice logo design. As one of the primary colors, red is often associated with energy, passion, and power. You may see red often in logos that use food. This is because red is believed to be an appetite-stimulating color. Red is often seen in the entertainment industry on band logos and fashion logos as well. The downside to red is that it may also be tied to anger and danger. If you are looking for a logo color that is calm and peaceful, red is more than likely not the color for you or your company.




Yellow is often friendly and approachable. Yellow is a very popular logo color for industries that are trying to express happiness and delight. Yellow is also very noticeable and hard to miss; an example of this is the yellow taxis you often see. This can be a good choice to make your logo stand out in a crowd. This can oftentimes be linked to warning signs and caution, so this might not be a great fit for every industry.




Green is mostly used by Eco-friendly brands and industries related to the environment. Examples include farming, recycling, and renewable energy. Because it is associated with nature, it is also a seemingly popular choice for any organic and natural brands aiming to give a nice, clean, fresh feeling. Green logos are popular among popular food and beverage brands, tech and communication companies, and pharmaceutical companies as well.




Blue is a nice, strong, dependable color that helps convey trust, reliability, and a high level of professionalism. You will often see blue used in financial, technological, and medical logos. Blue is tranquil and serene, which makes it a common choice among health and wellness brands and those who want to convey a message and a sense of calm.


White and black


White and black logos are a nice, classic, and unfettered choice for a logo. Black conveys elegance and sophistication, and when you pair it up with white, it gives it a minimalist and effective feel. When logos were first introduced, it was recommended to make them in black and white first before adding any other colors. When you start out with white and black, you end up focusing your attention on the overall look and feel of the logo without taking into consideration any color. The addition of color should help enhance your logo, not define it. Black and white can end up being very versatile and lend themselves well to letterforms and wordmark logos.


Multi colored


The general rule for logos is to stick to a maximum of three colors; of course, there are times when you should break the rules, but oftentimes multicolored logos end up being bold and attention-grabbing. Most designers and marketers will say not to use too many colors because it can become overwhelming and oversaturated. If you look at examples of multicolored logos that are successful, they all use balance and refinement, oftentimes picking a nice focal color and playing with the brightness and saturation to make it all flow well.

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