Small Changes, Big Impact - Earth Friendly Practices for Homeowners

Small Changes, Big Impact - Earth Friendly Practices for Homeowners

Earth Day reminds us that even little things we do at home help our planet. Here are some easy changes you can make, plus a smart upgrade you might not have thought of!

Let the Sunshine In (but not too much):  Open curtains for free natural light. It makes you happier and cuts your need for electric lights. Too much sun can overheat your home, so smart use of window shades helps keep things comfortable.

Stop "Vampire" Power:  Appliances and electronics can use energy even when they're off! Unplug what you're not using or get power strips with an easy "off" switch.

Set Your Thermostat Smarter:   Turn your heat down a little bit in winter and wear a sweater. In summer, turn the A/C temperature up a bit and use fans for a cooling breeze.

The Power of Window Film: Here's an idea to really save energy:

  • Beats the Heat: Window film blocks hot sun, so you'll need less air conditioning.
  • Protects Your Stuff: Window film blocks the rays that fade furniture and floors, so things last longer.
  • Adds Privacy and Safety: Some films make your windows harder to break and also give you more privacy.

Earth Day is Every Day

These small changes add up to big savings on energy bills and help the environment.  Sun Control of Minnesota is here to help you make your home more energy-efficient. Window film is a smart investment that protects your home and our planet.

This Earth Day, let's all do our part.