Security Glass Vs Security Film

Security Glass Vs Security Film

Security should be a top priority when it comes to your business or home. There are plenty of different kinds of danger lurking around; you need to make sure you are safe and that you are able to protect your family and employees. Installing security glass is one way to ensure that everyone is safe. But what are the differences between security glass and security film? Let’s talk about it.


Security Glass

First, let’s talk about what security glass is. Security glass is fortified glass that helps protect a building’s entryway. This includes doors and windows. This glass is used to protect you, your employees, and any customers. This is primarily because the security glass is strengthened to resist tools such as hammers, bullets, and other projectiles. Security glass is also designed specifically to break into small fragments rather than sharp, jagged pieces. This is to help prevent damage to you.


There are two main types of security glass.

  1. Tempered Glass

This glass is thermally and chemically treated to help increase its strength. It is made to crumble into small, harmless fragments rather than big, sharp, and dangerous shards. Tempered glass won’t typically hold up under constant physical attacks, but it is less likely to harm you if it breaks. This glass is generally used in vehicles and areas that are prone to earthquakes.

  1. Laminated Glass

This glass is made up of two panes of toughened glass and a durable plastic interlayer that is sandwiched between the glass panes. The glass and interlayer are chemically bonded together during the manufacturing process. This makes the glass a lot more challenging to shatter. When the laminated glass is hit, it breaks within the frame but is held in place. More layers of glass can be added during manufacturing. Once the glass reaches 5 cm or more, it becomes bulletproof.

Security Film 

Film is installed on the inside of the glass. It helps prevent any broken glass from entering the home and becoming a potential hazard. 3M security film is a film that is designed to provide an added layer of protection against forced entry attempts. The film is made of a nice, thick, durable material that is bonded to the interior surface of existing windows and creates a barrier that is difficult to penetrate. This film is highly effective against natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. This film is great for anyone who lives in the Midwest and deals with these natural disasters. The film is nice because it comes in a range of thicknesses and tint levels, which allows building owners and designers to select an option that best fits their specific needs. This option is also cheaper than security glass because we aren’t making new windows for your home or business. We are adding to the already-existing windows. This will save you money while also protecting your home. 

We do offer DefenseLite and BulletShield. These are stronger than typical film and also go on your windows. These are multi-layered films that resist impacts from things such as bullets, explosions and forced entry attempts. DefenseLite is a step up from security film and BulletShield is a step up from DefenseLite. All 3 options are great for protecting your home or business. 

What type is best for me?


When it comes to protecting your home, you shouldn’t worry about bulletproof glass or film; your home won’t require the same level of protection that a bank may require. If you are running a business and want to protect it, then it's very possible that you could need BulletShield. I would look at what the crime rate is like in your area to see what’s best for you. Security film is better for your home or business because you don’t have to replace the windows; you just put the film on them, making it cheaper while adding protection. This might be ideal for your home or business.

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer a range of security solutions that include 3M Security Film. Our goal is to provide enhanced protection against forced entry, smash-and-grab burglaries, and other criminal activities. The solutions are designed to fortify windows and doors. To get started on protecting your home or business, call us today!