Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coating

If you care about your car, especially the physical appearance of your car, then you should have done some research about the products that are available for protecting your car’s paint, and if you have done that research, then you most likely came across information about two different products: paint protection film and ceramic coatings. So what exactly is the difference between these two products, and what will they accomplish for your car? Let's talk about what the best solution is for protecting your car's exterior.

What is paint protection film?


Paint Protection Film is a nice, transparent urethane material that is able to be applied to any exterior painted surface on a vehicle. It preserves the quality of your car’s paint, which in turn reduces the risk of multiple kinds of damage, such as


  • Chips and scratches
  • Swirl Marks
  • Chemical Stains
  • Hard water spots


What is a ceramic coating?


Ceramic coating is a bit different from paint protection film. A coating is a liquid polymer that is applied to the exterior surfaces of a vehicle. It chemically bonds with a vehicle's factory paint, which in turn establishes a layer of protection and a hydrophobic surface. The hydrophobic properties make it harder for contaminants to bond with the car's paint. It helps keep the car cleaner, and it helps make it easier to clean when it does come time to clean it.


The coating helps reduce the risk of these damages.

  • Chemical stains 
  • Chemical etch marks
  • Oxidation from UV exposure


How are they similar?


As you can tell, both of these products are there to keep your car looking nice and newer for longer and to protect and preserve your car’s paint. The two products do have some overlapping performance features, such as the fact that both help reduce damage from UV exposure and acidic contaminants. In the end, both will protect your car, and both will add value to it.


How are they different?


Although they have a lot of similarities, they also have a lot of differences. Typically, paint protection film is thicker than the coating and has a chemical composition that helps it self-heal. This quality allows paint protection film to absorb rock chips, small scratches, and swirls. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, does not have the ability to do so. Ceramic coating does not eliminate the risk of rock chips, scratches, and swirl marks. Ceramic coatings do have their own strengths in terms of the hydrophobic surface they create. When you apply the coating to your car, you get all the benefits of the hydrophobic properties on every surface without having to worry about applying film to the whole vehicle. So in short, paint protection film is for long-term preservation, while ceramic coating enhances day-to-day appearance.


If you want to protect and preserve your vehicle’s paint so that it looks brand new and stunning every time you drive it, Consider paint protection film or ceramic coating. At Sun Control of Minnesota, we specialize in paint protection film. We use high-quality film that is designed to be durable, long-lasting, and highly effective at protecting your car’s paint job. Give us a call today to get started on protecting your car's exterior!