How to reduce the heat in your sunroom

How to reduce the heat in your sunroom

Living in Minnesota during the summer can get extremely hot. Minnesota is one of those states where the winters get extremely cold and the summers get extremely hot and humid. We may not be like Arizona in terms of heat, but during the months of June and July, the humidity can be almost unbearable. If you are like my family, you more than likely have a nice sunroom to enjoy during the warmer months. Sunrooms are great because they let you enjoy the nice summers while still staying somewhat cool. The sunroom may be a way to get more of the outdoors while still being inside, but the room may still get unbearable during extreme heat. With all the windows that you probably have in a sunroom, it is no wonder it gets so hot.

Window Film


One of the best ways to reduce the amount of heat that comes in through the windows in your sun room is to install some solar window film. Solar window film is great because it is going to help filter out the heat from the sunlight so that you can enjoy your sunroom even when it is unbearable outside. Window film is going to help block out the sun's heat while still allowing the sunlight to enter the room. The film is an adhesive film and is applied directly to the interior or exterior of the glass. This is going to provide a wide range of benefits that will help with improved energy and even aesthetic appeal.


When you are constantly in the sun, you are at risk of getting skin cancer. Window film can help reduce that risk by protecting you from UV rays. Window film is able to block up to 99% of UV rays, which in the long run is going to protect not only your skin but also your indoor furnishings from fading.

Smart Tint


Smart Tint is an advanced window tinting technology that is able to utilize a special film to help achieve dynamic privacy control. This film contains microscale particles suspended in a liquid crystal compound that can align or disperse in response to an electric current passing through the film. When the current is off, the film is going to remain opaque, which ensures complete privacy. When the current is on, the particles align, which allows the light to pass through and renders the film transparent.


Smart tint is going to help provide homeowners with a unique blend of privacy, functionality, and even style. It is great for sunrooms because it is going to help give you unobstructed views when you want them while still maintaining privacy when needed. It is also going to help give you UV protection and help with glare. Smart tint is great for any sun room, no matter where you are in Minnesota.


Solar Fabrics


SheerWeave interior solar shade fabrics are a window film that is designed to help reduce glare, heat, and UV rays, making them perfect for your sunroom. They are made of a durable woven material that is applied to the inside of your windows. SheerWeave fabrics are made in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect one to match your décor. This is going to be a great choice for your sunroom because of how easy it is to install and maintain. They are so easy to clean because they can be wiped down with a damp cloth. The fabric has similar benefits as the window film, but people tend to go with this option because of the different colors and patterns to choose from.


All three products are a great choice for any sunroom. They help reduce the glare, reduce the UV rays, and keep your room and home cooler. We offer all three choices here at Sun Control of Minnesota, where we specialize in helping improve the comfort, style, and energy efficiency of your sunroom and home. Give us a call today to get started on protecting your sunroom.