How The Sun Can Damage Your Vehicle

How The Sun Can Damage Your Vehicle

Oftentimes, drivers are safe and keep their cars in pretty good shape. You may think that car maintenance is limited to checks when you get your oil changed or repairs when things go wrong. But times are changing, and cars are lasting longer and longer. This means there are chances that your vehicle will take damage from the elements because of how long it is exposed. Sun damage can do serious damage to your car, and it can happen in two different ways. Direct effects of heat or any UV exposure on the car. Over time, UV rays and heat exposure can end up fading your car’s paint and oxidizing it; your dashboard can start cracking; and other things can happen. There are easy and inexpensive ways to help prevent this and protect your car from sun damage.




It's vital to understand that the sun can damage your car’s paint job in different ways. Constant exposure to UV rays can severely damage your paint's clear coat. This sun damage happens over time; you can notice it by seeing the paint turn dull, fade, or develop a crusty white surface. If you don’t do anything about it, then it will eventually start to peel and fall off.


Another common form of damage to a car's paint is any foreign substance interacting with the sun. Any mild acid can slowly break down your car’s paint over time, and when it's mixed with the sun, it gets way worse. Examples of this are bird droppings, dead bugs, and sometimes even dust. If your car’s clear coat is starting to deteriorate, treat it with a dual-action polish and paint oxidation compound. If you can, store the car in the garage or try using a car cover. If you polish or wax often, you can prolong the life of your car's paint. Wash your car frequently to prevent any foreign substances from accumulating.




Just like the exterior, the interior of your car can easily degrade with extended sun exposure. Your car’s interior can build up intense heat when you leave it in the sun, which can also cause interior damage. The most common issues people have are plastic cracking and fading upholstery. Leather upholstery requires more maintenance. If you have cloth seats, it will be harder to undo the sun damage to them. If you can park in the shade to help keep your interior cool and protected from sunlight, then please do that because it will help your car’s longevity a lot.


How we can help


With the sun being intense and causing your car to overheat easily, pay close attention to your vehicle when it is exposed to any heat or the sun. Make sure that all your fluids are topped off and that your cooling system is working. If your AC isn’t performing as it should, get it checked right away because it can be a sign of a more serious problems


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we offer paint protection film and window tinting to help keep your car safe from the elements and other unexpected issues. Our film is transparent, which means that it does not alter the appearance of the vehicle, and it can be applied to any area of the car. Our window tint involves applying a nice thin film to the windows of your vehicle to reduce the amount of visible light, infrared radiation, and UV rays that pass through the glass. Give us a call today to get started on protecting your vehicle!