How does Smart Tint Benefit me?

How does Smart Tint Benefit me?

Smart Tint is a new way to revolutionize the way that we think about window tinting. It offers a brand new and innovative solution that helps with privacy and control. With an easy click of a switch, Smart Tint enables you to transform your windows from transparent to opaque instantly. This grants you unparalleled control over your environment. Let’s dive into it.


What is it?


Smart Tint (also known as smart glass) is a switchable smart glass that is able to change how dark or opaque it is depending on the amount of light shining on it. What this means is that the glass can end up being clear when there is not much light, or it can become darker when more light is hitting it. A good way to think about it is that they are sunglasses for your building. I do also want to point out that switchable privacy smart tints exist as well. When the tint is in a frosted-like state, it can end up going from clear to opaque or from clear to frosted. This is providing us with a new generation of switchable privacy glass because it is able to provide instant privacy no matter where you are.

Different Types


There are a few different types of smart tints out there. Each has its own set of features and benefits. Some of the tints are able to be controlled by wifi or a smartphone app, while some other types of smart tints have sensors that automatically adjust the tint based on however much sunlight is out. Of course, there are tints that can be manually adjusted, which gives you control over how much light you want coming into your home. The downside to Smart Tint is that no matter what kind you get, you can’t make it completely clear. It will always have a blue or yellow tint to it.


Electrochromic switchable film and liquid crystal glazing are both considered part of the Smart Tint family, but they are very different from each other. Liquid crystal is the next generation of switchable glass. It can replace an automatic blind, which helps preserve natural views. They are pretty easy to install, and they can block up to 99 percent of harmful UV radiation.


Electrochromic glass, on the other hand, can be applied to any new or existing smooth glass; it is more of a window treatment that can end up protecting people inside from any UV radiation.



Smart tint is able to change its level of transparency based on the amount of light. This means that it can keep most rooms in your house cool in the summertime by blocking out the sun's rays. This is one big reason why you are seeing more and more architects turn to smart tinting glass for any new construction builds or renovations. Smart tint saves energy, but it also helps with privacy when you need it. They can be used in office buildings to help limit distractions outside while adding more privacy for your workers.

This technology is becoming more and more popular as it is helping people save energy and improve their comfort. There are so many different ways this technology can be used, and I am excited to see how it grows in the future. It is likely that as time moves forward, smart tin will become more commonplace. I really hope to get some for my next home.