Custom Wall Wraps for Personal Expression

Custom Wall Wraps for Personal Expression

If you are shooting for a unique and awesome design for a wall in a business or in your home, then you should try to consider some high-quality wall graphics. When you get vinyl wall graphics, you are getting a durable and highly customizable option that is going to help effectively capture the attention of any of your customers or anyone that comes inside your home. Our team at Sun Control will work with you to create an amazing design for your wall that meets all of your requirements. We will help ensure a result that you are completely satisfied with. Most companies or people would go with painting their walls to change how they look, but unlike paint, when you get vinyl wall graphics, they tend to be more durable, easier to replace, and are going to require little to no maintenance. They can also be applied to different wall surfaces. This will help make the mural installation fit on multiple walls without breaking the design.


What is it?


Wall wraps are perfectly designed to allow for optimal adhesion to a wall with nearly any type of paint or surface texture. The vinyl is extremely durable, and wall murals are going to help provide a visually stunning and almost instantly noticeable piece for any type of business or home. It doesn’t matter if you run a store or what industry you are in; wall graphics and murals are going to be a perfect way to help customize your interior or even exterior wall in your home or business. If you are getting custom wall graphics, they are a great choice because they can add personal touches to your home instead of just painting a wall or even having framed art. Because of all the uses that our customers use wall graphics for, let me name a few examples.


  1. Placing your brand on a wall for your business
  2. Promoting any product sales or starting a campaign
  3. Having inspirational quotes or even mission statements
  4. Trying to create a calm and functional work or home environment




There are numerous benefits to creating a nice custom wall wrap. It truly allows you to transform an entire wall into just about anything. You can make the wall impactful and even meaningful. While also still advertising something about your business on it. The wall graphics can have high-quality photography, text, images, or even custom-designed graphics. All of these are able to be added to your wall quickly and easily through a simple installation process. This is going to help transform your business or home without any disruptions that could impact your busy daily life. We want to make this as easy as possible for you and your business. We strive to make it an easy process and to make sure everything gets made exactly the way you want it to be.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we strive to bring the perfect wall wrap you had in mind to life. Whether you are trying to customize a wall in your home or a wall in your office, our expert team members are going to work with you from the design to the installation. To make sure that the perfect custom wall wrap is on your wall. Call us today to learn more about our custom wall wraps.