Creating A Cool Workplace for your Team

Creating A Cool Workplace for your Team

We're firm believers in creating a beautiful and comfortable environment for our team. Don't believe us? Stop by our office and get a quick tour. 

For those who've seen it, here's Sun Control of Minnesota's tips for creating a cool and comfortable workplace for your team.

Window Film

Yes, you've already predicted. Window film will make your office cooler.

That's right, we've made the pun.

Depending on the window film you get for your office, you're able to reduce the heat entering the office, and reduce the amount of effort your HVAC system has to put in to keep your business cool. The opposite is also true. Heat is retained a bit better, causing your heater to work more efficiently. This creates a comfortable environment for your team, and also reduce the bill.

Another added benefit for offices is the glare reduction. No longer will your team be having to strain there eyes, or close the blinds, or shift the monitors. They'll be able to view their monitor perfectly fine in broad daylight because of window film.

Wall Wraps

Wall wraps are made to spice up the building. Your imagination is the limit!

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Have your walls showcase your brand, your team, a local photograph of nature. Whatever you chose to do, your team and clients will walk by daily and feel more motivated due to the vibrant, inspiring atmosphere you're creating.

You're able to solidify your brand identity, foster a sense of identify, and leave an everlasting impression for clients and visitors.

In-Office Privacy

This is for all my fellow office workers that have glass walls showcasing the inside of your office. Sometimes, you just want some privacy.

I get it.

That's where frosted film comes in.

I have it in my office, and now I can freely eat my lunch and watch TV shows without being judged by others around me. (Please don't fire me it's a joke I promise!)

More importantly, it allows for offices to remain confidential, without compromising on aesthetics. You still get all the natural light, you can vaguely identify people still, and it still looks beautiful from the other side.

Again, great for meeting rooms, or employee offices for added privacy.

Whichever option you chose to spice up the office, we're here to help you.