Common Myths about Window Film

Common Myths about Window Film

Over the years, We have heard plenty of concerns about window film. Sometimes the concerns and misconceptions are valid, however rarely are they accurate. In this blog we are going to debunk a lot of the myths and talk about the misconceptions while providing more information about all the concerns you could or do have when it comes to window film.

Does Window film make the inside of your home or building too dark?

This was true when window film was first being introduced, but new modern-day window film allows a large portion of the visible light to be transmitted through the window. Because the windows are transparent, they allow lots of natural light to enter the space without having all the heat. Solar film helps maintain a bright and beautiful naturally lit space. You wont have to hide out during the summer. Beautiful views shouldn't be obstructed with window coverings during the day. Window films allow you to enjoy your view with privacy without covering the windows all day. The type of film you decide on does have an impact on the level of darkness. There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to film.

You can’t clean your windows after window film is installed?

You can clean your windows with window film just like any other window you have. You are going to want to avoid cleaning the windows for around 30 days right after the window film is installed to allow the film to cure. Once the 30 days are up, use a soft clean cloth, and scrub the window but do not scrub aggressively and make sure not to use anything abrasive. Typical, off-the-shelf glass cleaners are usually acceptable. And then use a soft cloth or squeegee to dry the window.

Does window tint film make your windows unbreakable?

Window film won’t prevent your windows from breaking, but it does help hold the broken pieces of a window together in the event of an attempted theft or an accidental break. Security window film helps enhance the safety of regular window glass by strengthening it. Security window films are a effective solution used to strengthen the safety of regular glass. This does help strengthen your windows, but it won’t make them unbreakable. There are many benefits to getting this, but don’t expect your windows to never break when you get this film.

Will my window film kill my house plants?

Window film  helps block UV rays, but will not block the red and blue rays that plants need to live. These two colors are not part of the UV color spectrum. The film also helps regulate the room temperatures and moisture. It helps create a stable environment for your plants by minimizing all of the intense sunlight. Most plants adjust to window film just fine. We’ve seen  both our residential and commercial customers have thriving indoor plants.

Window film has provided many home and business owners with many benefits. It would be hard to find one who regrets having their windows treated. Trust our experts at Sun Control of Minnesota who are trained to assist you in picking the perfect window film for your needs and concerns. Reach out and contact us today to get a window film estimate.