A Deep Dive Into Mark's Office

A Deep Dive Into Mark's Office

Working at Sun Control of Minnesota has been one of the best things to happen to my career. I’ve worked here for the last 6 months and have enjoyed every moment the company has had to offer. I felt like I had learned a lot, not only about the window film industry but also how to communicate effectively with coworkers and customers. During this time, I have also worked with a lot of amazing people, one of whom is a boss of mine, Mark. Mark was one of the first people I met here at Sun Control and has been instrumental in my growth at the company. I truly haven’t talked too much, but when I do, it has always been positive and great. Mark is unique because I believe he has the best office at the company. I asked him if I could take a dive into his office and really embrace the setting he is trying to put in my place, not only for him but for the company as well.


Wall Graphics


The first thing you notice when you get to Mark’s office is the unique and extravagant wall graphics. I attached a picture of the wall graphics below just so you can see how unique they are. On the left side of the wall, you get a giant bank vault. I haven’t asked him why he picked these graphics, so I don't know if all this has a bunch of meaning or symbolism behind it. To me, the vault screams money, because why wouldn’t it? I believe it is a way to talk about business deals with potential customers while also being inviting. With the vault door open, it seems to me that you are inviting me inside. I would also say this is the more tame side of the wall, much more inviting, and a lot less confusing. This is the side to look at if you want simplicity but are still unique.

Now let’s talk about the more unique side and the side that I can't explain. This would be the middle wall. The middle wall is one of the most obscure yet satisfying walls I have ever seen. It features a clock with the time in different shapes and sizes, a person who is meditating, but instead of having normal skin, it has mazes all over the body, And on the right side of the middle wall is the declaration of independence. From the few conversations I have had with Mark, he is a big history guy. He loves to talk about stuff that has happened, theories about mysteries, and other things that have happened in the past. I personally think this side of the wall is the best graphic we have seen. I feel like this side explains Mark in a lot of ways. The big one is that he loves history and that there are mysteries out there.


The right side of his 3-part wall features a saloon in the old west. I am not much of a history buff, nor am I from the south, so I don't entirely know what happened in the old west or really what it was about. One thing I can say for sure is that it featured a lot of saloons. I think this side of the wall is more on the fun side. In front of this wall, he has a little table where he tends to have meetings with us and different clients, but the most intriguing part he has in front of this side of the wall is a nice small drinking station. This is what I think ties the wall together. The small bar and table really make you feel like you are in a saloon. I would have to say that’s why I feel he decided on everything.


Overall, I feel like this is the most unique combination of wall graphics you will ever see together. It mixes a bunch of different emotions together while adding a unique style that only Mark could make work.

Van Gogh Globe


When talking to Mark a few months ago about our personal lives, he briefly mentioned his love for the Van Gogh painting Starry Night. He even mentioned that he has one of his paintings in his home. So when I walked into his office early one morning and saw a spinning globe of the starry night painting, I was shocked yet amazed. It is a gorgeous painting on a nice globe; it makes the room feel more alive yet is not taking away anything from the room. When I initially asked him about it that morning, he talked about how much he loved the painting, and when he saw it, he had to have it. It is one of those small yet vital pieces to the office that makes you think more about who Mark is as a person. When I first met Mark, I would have never guessed he was into paintings or Van Gogh as much as he is. But then you talk with him, and you realize just how passionate he really is about the whole thing. It’s extremely awesome to see him have something he loves on his desk so that he can share it with us as a talking piece or just for great looks when we meet with him.

Important Pieces


With this office having so much to offer, I want to discuss some small pieces that I think not only bring the office to life but also add to Mark's amazing character. The first piece I want to talk about is the clear board he has in the back of his office. Mark tends to use this for meetings and for writing important things down. A few weeks ago, I saw him writing about solar solutions there (our company is down in Florida). This was great for me because I didn't know too much about what was happening in Florida, so seeing those little notes he was making about it, let me ask questions and learn more about our company.


The second small piece that adds to the office is his Gary Vee pass, which he has hanging on his TV. Mark a TV where he can monitor what goes on throughout the company. This is to make sure he keeps an eye on everything so it's running smoothly, and to make sure that if there is a problem, he can locate it and get to it as quickly as possible. Hanging on that TV is a nice pass from a Gary Vee event that Mark went to. If you know Mark, you know that he listens to Gary Vee a lot. From his podcast to watching his YouTube videos, Mark is into it all.

There is a lot more I could dive into with his office, but this is all we will dive into now without talking to him about everything. I really enjoyed getting to know more about Mark and what he has going on in his office. Every time I talk to him, I feel like I learn something new and a new way to better myself, not only within the company but also in my own personal life as well. Mark is a great boss, and I hope I continue to learn and grow under him as I continue to work with the amazing company that is Sun Control of Minnesota.