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Lighting Services

Commercial Lighting Services in the Twin Cities

Sun Control of Minnesota offers high-end window lighting services for commercial properties in the Twin Cities area. Some of our most popular services include parking lots, garage lighting, building interiors and exteriors, and wall packs.

Whether you are getting ready to undertake a new construction project or want to retrofit your current lighting setup, we can take your lighting concept and help create the environment you want according to your plans.

To find out more about our services and products or to schedule a consultation, contact us today at 651-490-1060.

Commercial Lighting Services We Provide

Your business is unique. Therefore, you need a lighting company that can meet your specific needs. Sun Control of Minnesota offers a wide range of services that can handle all types of lighting projects for both small and large companies.

What do we create lighting for?

  • Parking lots
  • Garages
  • Building interiors
  • Building exteriors
  • Facades
  • Canopies
  • Stairwells

Wall Pack Lighting Installation

LED wall packs are ideal for providing long-range, powerful lighting efficiently without burning up your energy usage every month. Commercial property owners use them to improve visibility and heighten security in areas that would otherwise be dark.

Our lighting team can custom install wall packs on sides of buildings, parking garages, building walkways, and other areas where you want to provide safe passage to and from your building Wall packs are the industry standard for security lighting.

What are the features and benefits of Wall Packs?

  • Reduced energy consumption, greater efficiency
  • High-powered lighting that far exceeds standard lighting
  • A variety of styles, dimensions, and lens types such as prismatic, high-impact polycarbonate, or acrylic
  • Different color temperatures
  • Choice of HID or LED

Retrofit Lighting Installation Services Available

You may not want to tear down your current lighting system that you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to install. No problem.

Sun Control of Minnesota can work from your existing lighting design and install additional lighting or replace certain lighting components with new hardware. Through our retrofit lighting services, you can enjoy modern lighting without completely starting over.

How Does Our Lighting Installation Service Work?

We offer a comprehensive service that includes all implementation stages and materials that we need for the project.

  • Lighting Assessment. We begin with a walkthrough of the current setup. We examine your fixtures, lighting controls, and help you identify areas where you can optimize your lighting system.
  • Proposal. We submit a detailed proposal that includes recommendations for improvements, suggested products, an outline of costs, design layouts, and other specs that you request.
  • Implementation. Once you approve the proposal, we go to work to install the new lighting hardware. We remove the old lights, put in the new lights, and complete the job with any final touches. We test the entire system to make sure it is working properly and then meet with you for a final approval.

The Benefits of Sun Control’s Lighting Services

  • Night Patrols
    We also offer routine Night Patrols, which are a completely free service for our valued customers. Once a month, our team will drive to your location at night and take pictures of any lights or signs that are broken, not working, or simply not lit. We’ll then contact you about the issue and provide a free cost estimate!
  • Rebates
    Did you know that retrofitting your current lights and signs with LED lights can help conserve energy, last longer than traditional bulbs, have improved warranties, and ultimately save you money? In fact, you might be eligible for possible rebates at your location!
    When you call on Sun Control to handle your building or sign’s lighting needs, we can work with your electrical or energy company on your behalf to verify if there are possible rebates available for locations with retrofitted LED lighting. Our history and great relationships with various energy companies in the Twin Cities metro area allow us to get you a quote and all the information you need before you even decide to convert to LED lights.

Contact Sun Control of Minnesota to Schedule Lighting Installation

Whether you are starting from ground zero or need to update our current lighting system, Sun Control of Minnesota can help you with all your installation needs. We offer complete lighting installation and design for all types of commercial property application.

To schedule a consultation or lighting installation in the Twin Cities area, call us today at 651.490.1060. You can also send a message on our contact page.

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