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How Residential Window Tint Improves Interior Design

Your home is your sanctuary from the world, and great interior design is key to creating the perfect cozy environment. Using the principles of design to create a beautiful space can give your home an entirely different feel. But no matter how much time and effort you put into interior design, if you’ve got a window facing the direct sun, it can completely sabotage the look of a room.

At Sun Control of Minnesota in St. Paul, we’ve got years of experience working with homeowners to create beautiful homes. Here are a few ways residential window tint can improve the interior design of your home:

1. Correct Lighting Problems

Bright, open windows can create a beautiful, modern look in a home. In fact, it’s one of the most popular design trends right now. But if you’ve got a window that faces west, you may find your living space becomes unbearable late in the day.

Covering large windows can completely take away from their look. Fortunately, our 3M residential window tinting can allow you to keep those bright vistas without compromising the lighting in a room.

2. Protect Furnishings

If you’ve got a bright and airy living space, those beautiful interior design elements may start to see fading and discoloration over time. That’s because the sun’s rays can damage the atomic structure of those furnishings over time.

This can affect different materials in different ways, but it tends to hit textiles, furniture, and art the hardest. Our home window tinting can protect the furnishings in your home and prevent damage from the sun. This keeps your interior design looking sharp for years to come.

3. Add Decorative Elements

If you’re looking for a spectacular, new window look, window tint has options for you. Residential window tinting can also be a design element of its own. Darker window tint can make the furnishings in a room pop.

Or, we also offer decorative window film that can add to the style of a room or space. From color window tint to gradient window film, we’ve got a design for any style and look.

Bloomington Residential Window Tinting and Decorative Window Film

Windows are our connection to the world outside of our home. You don’t have to shut out the sun because you feel like you don’t have a better design option. If you’re starting an interior design project in your home, don’t forget your windows.

When you’re ready for a beautiful new window look in your home, give us a call at (651) 490-1060, or connect with us online to connect with our team.

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