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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Your vehicle could be one of the largest expenses in your life, so why not go to extra lengths to protect it? Sun Control of Minnesota offers premium paint protection film and application that can protect your vehicle for a lifetime. Our film is a durable, high-grade, and colorless urethane material that can be applied to high-impact areas of your vehicle’s exterior. It helps to keep your paint looking great and can significantly reduce paint chips and other road and weather damage.

Paint Protection Film Benefits

  • Thick material. Our film material comes in the sturdy 8 mil. thickness option. No matter your choice, all polymer material has the capabilities to protect your vehicle’s finish from almost any road or weather hazard.
  • Clarity. Our paint protection film offers an extremely clear finish, meaning it will not dull or haze your existing paint finish. The film is designed to look like it’s not even there!
  • Optimal warranty. Our films carry a specified warranty up to 10 years and can easily be removed or replaced should you decide to sell, trade, or update your vehicle.
  • Self-healing. The innovative film material is made with a self-healing material which will heal out scratches in its own time with no consumer assistance.
  • Long lifespan. Some films can easily last a lifetime depending on how it’s treated and the amount of impact it experiences. Routine washing and waxing can add years to the film and give it a clearer finish.
  • Resale value. With paint protection film, you can maintain your vehicle’s value by greatly reducing damage to the manufacturer’s original paint.

Our Package Options

  1. Ultimate Package
    Get the ultimate coverage for your vehicle! This package will protect all of the vulnerable parts of your vehicle to ensure lasting paint quality. This package includes:

    • Full hood
    • Full fenders
    • Full mirrors
    • Full bumper
    • Door edges
  2. Highway Package
    Designed as the next upgrade from the City Package, the Highway Package is ideal for high impact areas on larger sedans and SUVs where the front of the hood and fenders are more likely to experience damage from rocks and debris. This package includes:

    • Partial hood coverage
    • Fenders
    • Mirror backs
    • Entire front bumper
    • Door edges
  3. City Package
    Our City package protects all of the basics and is perfect for street parking in metro areas. The third package option includes:

    • Partial hood coverage
    • Fenders
    • Mirror backs
    • Door edges

Common Paint Protection Film Questions

Can paint protection film be applied to anything other than vehicles?

Yes. We have completed a number of custom installations for boats, motorcycles, and RVs. We would be happy to create a custom solution for you!

Does paint protection film require special care?

No, the film can be treated just as any other surface on your vehicle.

How much time is required for installation?

A standard installation can be completed in about one to four hours, but time can vary depending on the vehicle make, model, and amount of coverage selected.

What kind of warranty will I receive?

All of our products are covered by Sun Control of Minnesota. If you have warranty questions or issues, stop by our shop and our friendly team will address your concerns to ensure you’re completely happy with our installation process.

My car isn’t brand new; can I still get protective film?

Yes. Brand new cars present fewer challenges because they have little-to-no current damage, however paint protection film can be applied to any vehicle.

Can the film be removed?

Yes. If the film ever needs to be removed, we guarantee it will come off without damaging the original manufactured paint job.

Each of our paint protection films are applied completely custom, which makes for a smoother application than with pre-cut kits. This means that all edges and corners will be expertly tucked, giving the wrap a clear, smooth finish. For more information about our outstanding paint protection services, contact us today at (651) 490-1060.

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