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Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

Window film protects both you and your car from the damaging effects of the sun. With the ever-increasing breakdown of our ozone layer, dermatologists warn against overexposure to the sun. Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes, sunblock protects the skin, and window film protects the interior of your car and the people who occupy them.

Automotive films are designed to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and provide the performance features you desire. Automotive window tint delivers high performance and revs up your style, keeping you and your passengers cool, comfortable, and content while lessening the strain on your air conditioning.

Our select brands of Sun Control of Minnesota window tint offers an economical alternative without sacrificing quality. You will enjoy our non-metalized films without having any signal interference with cell phones, GPS, or satellite radio. Our Sun Control of Minnesota films are backed by a lifetime, nationwide warranty, so we guarantee that our film will retain its color and appearance over time.

Benefits of Protecting Your Vehicle

  • Interior cooling. A bright, sunny day could mean extra heat from the constant sunlight. Reduce your vehicle’s interior heat by up to 60 percent with professionally tinted windows.
  • Increased privacy. Tinted windows can better hide your loved ones and belongings from passersby.
  • Fading prevention. UV rays take a toll on your vehicle’s interior and upholstery, which can result in cracks or fading.
  • Safer driving. No matter the time of year, those of us in the upper Midwest will experience extreme brightness and glare when driving, whether it’s from the high, summer sun, or the bright, winter snow on the ground.
  • Driver and passenger protection. Yes, harmful UV rays come through traditional car windows, increasing the chances of skin damage for occupants. Tinting vehicle windows can eliminate up to 99 percent of these harmful rays.

Interested in how your vehicle looks with its new window tints? Try our vehicle window tint simulator!

Did you know:

Not all automotive window tint is created equal. With our high performing window films, light shaded window tint can provide the same benefits as darker shades. Even though the state window tint law is fairly light in Minnesota, we can show you how our selection of film products stack up. Blocking 99.9% of the UV rays, rejecting up to 60% of the solar heat gain, resisting color change, and protecting the interior of your vehicle. What more could you ask for from an automotive window tint?

Common Window Tinting Questions

  • What is VLT %? (Visible Light Transmission)?
    Visible Light Transmission or VLT is the amount, in percentage, of light that passes through the tinted film.
  • What is the Legal Limit for Window Tint in Minnesota?
    On any four-door sedan or two-door coupe, the darkest film that can be applied is 50% Visible Light Transmission on all door glass and rear window.
  • On any truck, SUV or van, you are able to go as dark as you want in the rear, as long as the front driver and passenger side windows are at no darker than 50% VLT.
  • What is the Legal limit for Window Tint in Wisconsin?
    On any four-door sedan or two-door coupe, as long as the front driver and passenger side windows are at no darker than 50% Visible Light Transmission, you are able to apply 35% VLT on the rear door glass and rear windows.
  • On any truck, SUV or van, you are able to go as dark as you want in the rear, as long as the front driver and passenger side windows are at no darker than 50% VLT.

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The experienced window tinting professionals at Sun Control of Minnesota can install any window tint in nearly every make and model year vehicle. We stay local, using premium 3M window tinting films so our customers know they can receive the absolute best product in the industry. For more information on our auto window tinting services, contact us at (651) 490-1060.

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