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How Wall Pack Lights Protect Your Business

The commercial custom signage experts at Sun Control of Minnesota discuss wall pack lighting. We talk about what wall pack lights are, how they work, and how they protect your Bloomington, MN business.

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Getting the Perfect Lighting for Your Home Office

More Americans are working at home than ever before as we all pull together to help keep our communities safe. For many, working from home can create a unique set of challenges from caring for families and managing schoolwork to staying on top of deadlines from home. Success in a home office begins with having an appropriate space to work in, something that can be difficult when lighting is not conducive to a productive workday.

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Designing Your Custom Signage

As a retail establishment, one of the most important ways you connect with your customers is through well-placed signage throughout your store. A good sign can be the key to getting more out of your sales with upsells and add-ons while giving your customers a higher-quality experience. But deciding how to say what you’re trying to say is just as important as deciding you need a sign to begin with. It’s one thing to have an idea, but working with a designer to bring that idea to life can be its own unique challenge.

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