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From monthly archives: March 2020

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Three Great Reasons to Install Residential Window Film

Sometimes a product is so good it’s everywhere you look. That’s the case with 3M window film, which has been leading the sun control film industry since 1966 when they received their first window film patent. These days, you can find 3M films installed nearly everywhere you go in every part of the world. Millions of buildings both commercial and residential rely on 3M film to protect their interior and provide added safety from intruders and vandals.

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How Window Film Stacks Up to Shades

When your sun faces south, the level of sunlight you get during the daytime can be intense. It can be difficult to watch your favorite shows on TV or check your email with the sun’s bright glare on your screens. At the same time, the visible and invisible spectrum of light is also doing a number on your home’s interior by causing fading to your floor and furnishings. It can also cause your home to be less comfortable during warm weather by increasing your home’s internal temperature with solar heat.

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