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3M Window Film–It’s Like SPF 1,000

Summer is almost here. And while it’s fun to enjoy the sunny, warm weather, you should also keep in mind that the sun can be dangerous.

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Combat the Sun with Window Film

Whether it’s the excessive heat, the uncontrollable glare, higher energy costs, or fading, the sun tends to be the main culprit.

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Daylight Redirecting Film

Redirect the light in your building and improve comfort, enjoy a brighter space, and reduce energy costs. 

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Help Control the Glare with Window Film

Now that spring has arrived, (despite the snow last night!) the sun has been making more of an appearance.

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Anti Graffiti Film Protection

Protect your property and maintain your image with 3M Anti Graffiti Film. Offering solutions when it comes to protecting glass surfaces, Graffiti Film helps protect against all forms of graffiti and tagging such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges. 

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Improving Your Home With Window Film

Check out the list below to see the many benefits offered with window film.

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Does Window Film Work in the Winter Months?

You may believe that having window film on your windows during the winter months isn’t a good thing. But you’d be surprised at how well it performs.

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Keep Your Tenants Comfortable all Year Round with Window Film

Keep your space an even temperature and your tenants comfortable with 3M Window Films. 

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Energy Savings Begins with the Windows

Did you know Window Film is a cost effective alternative when it comes to increasing energy efficiency?

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3M Safety/Security Window Film

Sometimes the threat is from nature, other times people. But no matter where the threat comes from, 3M Safety and Security Films can help you prepare for the worst.

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