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Did You Know?

Did you know that even though the sun isn’t shining, and the clouds look heavy, the dangerous UV rays are still penetrating through?

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Product Information on 3M Window Films

Are you interested in 3M Window Films? Take a look at the information listed below to help you make a decision.

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Protect Yourself From the MONSTERS this Halloween with Safety & Security Window Films!

Halloween is right around the corner. Things start to creep and crawl around your home, whether it’s kids dressed up in costumes or zombies in the masses, you need to make sure to protect yourself and your valuables.

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Are You Experiencing Fading? Window Films Can Help.

The damaging sunlight filtering in through your windows, is causing your wood floors, fabrics, curtains, furniture and other valuables to fade.

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Choosing Window Film is just as Important as Choosing Your Insurance Company

Choosing your Insurance Company is an important decision. You check around for the most knowledgeable, the best rate, the highest quality, remarkable customer service and who to trust.

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How to Care for Your Window Film

Details and Tips on how to care for your window film!

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A Truck Driver’s Sun Damage

It is very important to take precautions against the sun. If you are worried about your looks and not the damage the sun will cause, hopefully this picture will convince you to protect yourself.

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Can You Achieve Privacy with Window Film?

Not all window film will provide you with privacy. However, there are two types of film that will give you privacy.

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The Minnesota Window Tint Law; Help us Change it!

Many of you know that the Minnesota window tint law is very strict. In fact, it is one of the most strict window tint laws in the United States. 

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One Brave Old Lady… and Safety Film

Safety film is applied to many storefronts to reduce smash and grab crimes.

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