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Three Reasons You Need Window Film in Your Home

An awesome post by The Window Film Pros as to why window film in your home is a great choice.

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What Are the Benefits of Window Film?

Many people believe window tint is dark and mainly used to achieve a darker aesthetic. But low and behold there are a variety of options available and many benefits of window film.

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Is Window Reflection Causing Your Siding to Melt? See how Window Film can help when it comes to melting siding

Every year we get more and more calls about the increasing concerns and issues with window reflection causing siding to melt. New construction homes are on the rise and so is the melting of siding with window reflection.

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Window Film: Sun Protection for Your Health and Home

While it’s understood that taking sun safety precautions is important outside, few people realize they can sustain sun damage indoors, too.

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How Can I Create Privacy with Window Film?

Window Film works in many ways-Blocking out UV rays, reducing heat and glare. But did you know you can create privacy with window film?

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3M Safety/Security Window Film

3M Security Window Films deliver solutions that help solve complicated needs. They have been designed specifically to help protect against forced entry, windstorms, bomb blasts, and explosions.

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Indoor Sun Protection. Why Dermatologists Suggest the Use of Window Film in Homes.

Window film may not be known to some people…But the benefits of window film should be known! Check out this video to see how much you may have in common with the use of window film, and why dermatologists recommend it.

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We Have Some Exciting News!!

This is the 2nd year in a row we have been honored by 3M with a prestigious Dealer of the Year status.

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The History of 3M Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)

The automotive clear bra is a urethane film that can be applied to the impact areas of cars — such as the hood, side mirrors, doors, and bumpers — to protect their paint finishes from environmental hazards such as stone chips, bug impacts, and other road debris.

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Security Film in Schools

Yesterday, one of our sales representatives visited a School that has interest in our 3M Security Film for interior classroom windows as well as exterior classroom windows. 

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