When it comes to modern business, one of the most central elements to promoting your company is understanding and promoting your brand image. Your brand is the set of ideas and feelings your customers or potential customers think about when they think about your company. To be truly successful in today’s market, business owners need to think about every possible opportunity to tap into their brand identity.


Whether your company uses a fleet of three vehicles or 33, you may be missing a significant opportunity to promote your brand if you aren’t tapping into your fleet’s potential. At Sun Control of Minnesota, our vinyl graphics experts have put together this helpful guide to walk you through how you can use fleet vehicle graphics to promote your brand.


Promoting Brand Recognition

Your company’s fleet creates an organic marketing opportunity. Organic marketing is when your organization is able to tap into existing assets you already have and transform them into marketing opportunities. Your company’s fleet vehicles are already in use on the road and can be easily converted into the opportunity to promote brand awareness.


Brand awareness is the idea that whenever your customers see certain images or color combinations, they automatically think of the feelings and values associated with your brand. With the addition of a vehicle wrap, you can turn your fleet’s vehicles into moving billboards with the potential to make a high impact and reinforce brand recognition wherever they go.


Minnesota Vehicle Graphics and Your Fleet

If you’re on board for transforming your fleet into a mobile branding opportunity but you don’t know where to begin, our experts in vehicle graphics/decals have got you covered. There are a few basic principles you need to take into account when putting together your high-impact fleet vehicle graphics/decals.


First and foremost, you want to create a unified look that promotes your logo, font, and color style in the same way they appear on all of your other marketing materials. You will also need to include a call to action of some kind, whether it is a phone number and the words “Call now” or your website address.


You may also include the following:

●        A clever tagline

●        A catchphrase or slogan

●        Social media information


Minnesota Vehicle Graphics/Decals

If you’re ready to tap into the serious potential of using your vehicle fleet for branding, there’s never been a better time. Graphics today look sharper than ever, and our designers can help you put together something that will make a powerful impression everywhere your vehicles go.


Our graphic design team can work with the ideas you have to create a vehicle wrap look that perfectly represents your brand image. If you’re ready for fleet vehicle wraps or graphics that will stop traffic, call us at 651.490.1060, or connect with us to find out more about how we can help promote your brand.