Home is where the heart is, and your home should be where you are most comfortable. Perfect windows are central to creating a comfortable and attractive home. Your home’s windows need to allow just the right amount of light to pass through while protecting your privacy, all while preserving curb appeal and visual aesthetics.

Many homeowners don’t realize that window tinting and decorative films can create a beautiful, well functioning home. At Sun Control of Minnesota, serving the Twin Cities, we are experts in using decorative window film to design interior spaces you will love. From privacy to decoration, we’ve gone room to room in this handy guide on how to spice up your home and windows!

1. Entryway

Add a bit more privacy to your home’s entrance without sacrificing light by using a frosted glass window film or even a two-way mirror effect to the window panel of your front door or the windows in your entryway. You can block what people on the outside can see inside your home while still allowing you to see that someone is at your door.

2. Living & Dining Rooms

Turn your living and dining room windows into gorgeous works of art with a stained glass look by using decorative window films! Without having to replace your windows or pay excessive amounts for custom stained glass, you can create your own design, choose the colors and opacity, and transform your plain living room into something truly special. 

You can also boost your UV protection from super sunny summers by tinting your large windows. While keeping your home cooler in the summer, it also protects your furniture, rugs, and artwork from fading in the sunlight.

French doors are another area or your home that deserve a face lift. Color tint them for a dramatic effect that ties your spaces together or use an etched frosted glass on the panes for a softer and more private feel.

3. Bathroom

Bathrooms are the perfect place in your home to create a layer of privacy without ruining your natural lighting. Frosted glass on your windows or shower doors creates an elegant retreat where you can relax knowing your privacy is secure, while at the same time still allows soft sunlight to filter through.

4. Kitchen

Whether you have an older home or a trendy new loft, glass cabinet doors in kitchens are always in style. Give them a stunning look with an etched glass design covering their panels and take your cabinets from standard to extraordinary!

If you have that classic kitchen design with a window by your kitchen sink, then you know how the sun can glare on you while trying to clean your dishes. Tint that window with UV protection so you can gaze outside without being blinded.

5. Home Office

With the rise of the home office as one of the most popular features of homes these days, make yours comfortable, private, and a space you want to be in for hours at a time. Create softer lighting that helps you work on computers without strain by tinting your windows, and reduce your worry about neighbors being able to see in as you work.

In the same way that decorative window films have helped ensure privacy in the workplace, they can establish a safe and functional home office for you, too.

6. Bedroom

Enhance the luxury of your bedroom or turn a kid’s room into their favorite space with stained glass or color tinted decorative window films. Not only do the window films add privacy to these spaces, but they heighten the beauty of your rooms and add to the charming atmosphere you’ve worked hard to build into your home.

Minnesota Decorative Window Film Professionals

Whether you are in the middle of an extensive remodeling project or simply looking for ways to liven up your space, decorative window film might be perfect for your home.

Our team installs beautiful decorative window film to increase your home’s resale value and create a bold, spectacular look. We can apply our decorative window film to any glass doors or windows in your home, so feel free to get creative. To get started on a wrap that will impress everywhere you go, call us at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to discuss your ideas!