When it comes to advertising your brand, why not take advantage of all that time you spend commuting around town by turning your work vehicle into a working advertisement? Vehicle wraps offer a terrific, non-invasive, and fun way to build brand awareness for your company. With a vehicle wrap, you can have all the buzz of a custom auto paint job without the expense and time invested.


At Sun Control of Minnesota, we can help you create a look that will wow your target market using a wide range of wrap colors, finishes, and textures. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you with a few things to consider when you order an  effective vehicle wrap.


1.      Consistent Branding.

The main purpose of a vehicle wrap is to reinforce your organization’s brand. That means your brand identity needs to be at the forefront of your vehicle wrap design. A strong brand identity will be easily recognizable by font, color, and style across multiple media. Consider brands like Starbucks and Target. Customers readily associate these brands with the colors, logos, and compositional details that these companies use across all of their branding. In much the same way, your vehicle wrap should reflect your brand identity, calling to customers’ minds the values and mission of your organization simply by the wrap’s design reference.


2.      Clear Lettering.

One of the most common design problems with vehicle wraps today is a lack of clear lettering. Your wrap should be easy for passersby to read. Try to stick to colors and fonts from your other branding materials. Your lettering and font should be bold and easily read without much difficulty or effort.


3.      Minimal Text.

Wording should be minimal, with the foremost effort on reinforcing brand identity rather than creating a good deal of text for customers to consume. The message text should also be easily understandable to most readers. Remember, your customers will more than likely be driving in traffic when they come across your wrap. You don’t want to include a lot of copy.


Here are three pieces of text you should include:

●        Web address or social media account

●        Phone number

●        Tagline or slogan


Minnesota Vehicle Wrap Design Experts

If you’re ready to make the most of your company’s vehicle and start taking advantage of highway brand recognition, our professional vinyl graphics experts can help. We can take your incredible ideas and create a design for a vehicle wrap you will be proud of. After you’ve signed off on the great work of our graphic design team, our cosmetic auto team professionals will apply your beautiful new vehicle wrap. To get started on a wrap that will impress everywhere you go, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to discuss your ideas.