An eye-catching storefront should make a great impression. As a business owner, you need to connect with your target market at every opportunity, and bare storefront windows are a missed opportunity. At Sun Control of Minnesota, we help our customers tap that potential by creating bold, striking graphics that reinforce branding and capture your customers’ interests. We’ve put together this list of five great design ideas for storefront graphics to help get you started.


1.      Share Branded Information.

Whether you are a retail store or a day spa, a storefront graphic is the perfect place to share important details such as your open hours, company logo, and social media or web information. This is the perfect space to use branding intentionally. Your customer associates the colors, font, and style of your branding with the values, mission, and products you offer. A well-designed storefront graphic will serve as an important space for emphasizing your brand identity. Every detail should be chosen intentionally for that purpose.


2.      Emphasize Key Benefits.

Every product or company has its own key set of benefits, and yours is no exception. If your company is about living a healthy lifestyle, offer a graphic that promotes the image of good health. If it’s a toy store, consider adding images of happy children playing with their parents. Decide what your company’s key benefits are and then use your storefront graphics to promote those benefits.


3.      Entice Customers With Product Images.

A storefront graphic offers the perfect spot to direct customers to key products you want to suggest or upsell. If your store offers custom manicures, include storefront graphics of your finest work. If your store is a bakery, add images of beautifully frosted cakes and pastries to create mouthwatering anticipation before your customer even opens the front door.


4.      Gorgeous Graphics.

If minimalism is better suited to your company, consider adding attractive images that tie in with your brand. If your business is a children’s clothing store or daycare, consider adding kid-friendly graphics like unicorns or baby animals. Or add something a little more abstract for an upscale cosmetics store or restaurant.


5.      Outline Important Services.

Depending on what you offer, you can’t go wrong by simply outlining your services for customers. A photography studio can add a list of top-selling packages. If you are a fitness center or maker space, add a list of ongoing workshops or classes. A catering company can add a list of banquet services available. You can also use your storefront space to outline the qualifications and certifications that set you apart from the competition.


Minnesota Storefront Graphics Experts

If you’re ready to step up your game and create fabulous storefront graphics your customers will love, our expert team at Sun Control of Minnesota can help. We can take your amazing ideas and pass them over to our graphic design team, who can help us create something magical you will appreciate. With our fabulous storefront graphics, your business will stand out above the competition. To create storefront graphics your customers will love, give us a call at 651.490.1060, or connect with us online to discuss your ideas.