Your vehicle can take a real beating out in the open. Gravel and other debris from the road, acid rain, hail, harsh sunlight and bird droppings. Vehicles aren’t cheap, and you want it to look good for as long as possible, and not scratched, faded, stained, or chipped by flying rocks.


Paint Protection Film Is the Answer

Paint protection film is the best cosmetic protection you can buy for your vehicle. The film guards against the fading action of UV rays, keeps rocks from scratching the paint, and prevents bird droppings and acid rain from staining and ruining the finish. With paint protection film, your vehicle will retain its good looks much longer, protecting your investment and providing you with more peace of mind.


What Is Paint Protection Film?

At Sun Control of Minnesota, we use a clear, high-grade film of urethane that’s applied to the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle, such as the hood and fenders. The film’s thickness is 8 mil. The installation process can take anywhere from one to four hours.


Paint protection film will not harm your vehicle’s existing finish and only a very close examination will reveal the presence of the film. It can also be removed without damage to your vehicle’s original finish. Paint protection film carries a 10-year warranty as well and doesn’t need any special care over time to look great!


Other Products for Your Vehicle

Along with the paint protection film, Sun Control of Minnesota also offers auto window tinting and vehicle wrap. Auto window tinting protects the inside of your vehicle from damaging UV rays, as well as keeping you safe. Vehicle wraps can completely change the color of your car, without having to repaint.


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