Every evening the sun sets and sends a blinding shaft of light through the front of your Minneapolis-St.Paul store. Customers stand in line blocking the glare with their hands while your staff fight to see the touchscreen. You have thought about installing blinds, but those always look so clunky and cheap. There is an option that can maintain the appearance of your location while alleviating the discomfort and frustration your customers are experiencing. Read on to learn more about commercial window tinting options from Sun Control of Minnesota.

Window Tinting is Fast and Easy to Install

Commercial window tinting does not require any additional hardware to be installed or even a change to your existing windows. Your windows are measured, and the window film is cut to fit your space. Our professional technicians clean the windows and apply the tint in just a few hours. You can choose if you want simple solar tinting or add a security film to the installation.

The Window Tinting will Reduce Glare and Solar Heating

Once the tinting is installed, you will see an immediate reduction of heat generated by direct sunlight on plate glass windows. Your customers will be able to browse the entire store, instead of walking away from displays positioned near the windows to avoid the glare. Your employees will be more accurate in completing their tasks. The tinting also blocks harmful UV rays so your carpeting, wall graphics, and upholstery will retain their color longer. Less glare, a more comfortable environment, and a better return on your decorating dollar—this is a total win-win.

Maintain or Improve Your Curbside Appeal

There is no doubt that curtains and blinds block the view of your store from the sidewalks. Commercial window tinting maintains a clear view into your retail space so your customers can see sales and promotional displays, drawing them in to spend some money. You can also ask about graphics that advertise the business name and can be applied with the window tinting.

Contact Sun Control of Minnesota Today

When the sun is pounding on your front display window, and you are struggling to close a sale with a blinded customer, remember that there is a simple and fast solution that will only improve the look and function of your retail space. Give us a call at Sun Control of Minnesota for a personalized quote for commercial window tinting today.