With the high costs of maintaining a commercial building, business owners can use some help protecting their investment. Using commercial window tinting on the glass can help cut maintenance costs and provide a safer environment for employees and customers.

1. Add Strength to Glass

If your commercial building has large glass windows, adding a layer of clear tinted film over the surface helps make the glass more shatterproof. Weather and seasonal temperature changes can both take a toll on the integrity and strength of a large glass window, making it more vulnerable to damage. If the glass window ever shatters due to weather-related causes or an accident, the window film keeps the glass shards safely contained and away from the occupants of the room.


Commercial window tinting can help prevent criminals from breaking of the glass and attempting to enter the building unlawfully to rob or commit vandalism. Residential window tinting can also protect your home and valuables.


2. Create Privacy for Your Business

Commercial window tinting can keep the activity inside of a business private and safe from prying eyes. The window tinting allows you to see all the people coming and going outside while maintaining your privacy inside the building.


3. Protect Your Merchandise

If your business deals with expensive or high-end merchandise, it’s a good idea to screen out the view of the rest of the world using commercial window tinting. If criminals can’t see inside of a building, it’s that much harder for them to break in and locate valuable merchandise to steal.


4. Reduces UV Damage to Interior

The interior of a commercial building is just as vulnerable to UV damage as the exterior. Over time the intense rays of the sun cause flooring, wall coverings, and furnishings to fade, making the interior look shabby. Commercial window tinting protects your building’s interior by blocking out the UV rays and keeps furnishings looking fresh and new.


Residential home tinting helps protect your home's furnishings as well.


5. Decrease Energy Consumption

Commercial window tinting not only blocks out damaging UV rays and protects a building’s interior, but the film also blocks out excessive heat gain during the summer months. Blocking the sunlight doesn’t significantly darken the interior of the building, but it does keep the inside of the building cooler and more comfortable for employees and customers.


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