Customers respond to nicely-designed and colorful in-store displays more effectively than when the promotional information is shown in a more unattractive fashion. Expert marketing professionals understand the power of in-store promotional displays. Businesses can actually be harmed by not keeping promotional materials and storefront graphics fresh-looking and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some tips about how to use storefront graphics and custom signage to increase sales for small businesses:

Keep it Looking Clean and New

Nobody appreciates a store that is dusty and where the displays look worn out. By working with Sun Control of Minnesota, this is no longer going to be a problem. Sun Control also provides pull-up displays, decorative window film, and custom banners.

Many of these materials can be installed in such a way as to be removable and reusable so that seasonal presentations are possible that keep the store special and new, along with the ongoing holidays.

Attracting Attention Makes More Sales

Special displays can highlight discount offers and introduce new products. Banners can be used to identify the locations. Another way to increase sales is to pay careful attention to point-of-purchase displays. Many retailers benefit from spontaneous purchases made by consumers of products that they choose to buy while waiting in line for a cashier.

Business owners who work with the graphics services department of Sun Control benefit from the in-depth experience in creating such promotional displays.

Using Glass Areas Effectively

Businesses may have many areas of glass that can be used for promotional purposes. The most obvious places for promotions are the storefront windows. Less obvious places are interior glass walls. There may be a chance to place independent movable glass panels with promotional materials displayed on them that are printed on window film.

Commercial Vehicles Doing Double Duty as Billboards

Businesses benefit by using window displays and vehicle wraps on all of the commercial vehicles they own to promote the business. When these vehicles are not being used, they can be parked in strategic areas that become an advertisement for the business. For example, they can be parked out in front of the building towards the front of the parking lot that faces a busy street. When the vehicles are in operation, they become moving promotions with the impact of storefront displays.

The investment in storefront graphics and custom signage affects revenues in a positive way when attention is paid to having a new and compelling presentation that attracts potential customers. Sun Control in Minnesota helps many businesses to increase revenues by creating powerful storefront graphics and custom signage. Call today at 651-490-1060 (M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or go online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about the options.