Decorative window film has many excellent uses besides making an attractive display in the front windows of a retail store. With a bit of creative imagination, decorative window film can be used in many wonderful ways to create customized interior spaces by placing window film on internal glass walls, using it on glass panel dividers, and on glass tabletop displays.

Here are some tips for using decorative window film on windows, glass panels, and interior glass-room-dividers to create attractive display spaces for conventions, conferences, art galleries, retail spaces, professional offices, museums, and more.

Thematic Aesthetics

The design of decorative window film can be as creative and beautiful as desired. For businesses that need help with the graphic design, Sun Control of Minnesota has a full-service department that specializes in doing this work. The impact of a thematic design is very dynamic. A good theme uses a color scheme combined with a unified graphic presentation that creates a special feel when walking through a space.

Examples of thematic uses of decorative window film include marking special areas, giving visitors directions, and guiding people through certain areas. These can all be identified by using tall glass panels on sturdy stands, where the glass is covered by high-quality prints on window film. One interesting option is using window film along with decals as decals can be removable.


Decorative film can be used to create a private space by blocking the view through the windows and the glass walls of interior rooms or offices. Decorative window film that is installed professionally can rapidly create these spaces with an attractive look.


Decorative window film can be both beautiful and functional. There are a terrific variety of choices available to create custom solutions depending on the needs of an installation location. Choices include color tints, gradient style, full or partial window covering, glass-shatter protection, and UV-ray reduction (up to 99%) to prevent damage from exposure to sunlight.

The advantages of using window film for a decorative purpose include the ease of installation, the modest investment required, the ability to rapidly change the look and feel of interior spaces, and using window film to create a unified interior design. There are many design patterns to choose from and customized designs that can incorporate an organization’s logo and/or that promote brand awareness.

Do not settle for drab, boring windows and plain glass for interior spaces, when custom window films can easily create a new and attractive look. Call today at 651-490-1060 (M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or go online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about the exquisite decorative window film solutions provided by Sun Control in Minnesota.