When most people think of work-related eye injuries, the first thing that comes to mind is damage to the eyes from using a computer all day. However, there is a more subtle cause of a work-related eye injury that comes from exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight.


Eye Damage


A report from the American Optometric Association (AOA) notes that excessive UV exposure may lead to retinal damage and cataracts. The AOA says that there is no benefit for the eyes, only harm, from any amount of UV exposure. Therefore, it is important to reduce UV exposure to the eyes as much as possible.


Risks for Outside Workers and Drivers


People who work outside in the sun have a greater propensity to suffer eye problems and to get skin cancer caused by the UV rays. Truckers, taxi drivers, delivery persons, and commercial fleet drivers, who get significant exposure to sunlight while on the job, have a greater risk for certain eye diseases. Office workers, who sit in front of a large glass window all day, have exposure to significant amounts of sunlight. They may suffer from eye problems due to the UV rays.

Business owners who wish to take good care of their employees and reduce potential worker’s compensation claims for on-the-job eye injuries are installing commercial window tinting film for protection. This state-of-the-art window film, applied to the windows in office buildings and on the door glass of their fleet vehicles, is the wise choice for business owners.


Reduce UV Rays by up to 99%


The protection from UV rays offered by specially-produced window film can reduce the UV light by up to 99%. Not only will the UV rays be almost eliminated, these window films can capture infrared waves to reduce the interior heat.


Energy Savings


When they install these window films, business owners benefit from the reduction of energy bills for air-conditioning, and they help keep employees from suffering eye damage. This commercial window tinting lets the light in but keeps the UV rays out.




Personal efforts to have protection from UV rays are possible by wearing a hat and ray-blocking sunglasses. However, a business owner cannot rely on employees always doing this. Instead, the solution is to install window film for automatic protection as well as for its other benefits.


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