Safety window film is a thin film applied directly to the window. While lightweight, the film is incredibly strong and can help protect your home or office. Available in a wide range of options to suit any budget, safety window film is a great way to increase the security of your home or business. Let's take a more detailed look at how such a thin film is able to protect such a large investment.


Helps Prevent Shattering


Whether you install safety window film in a residential or commercial capacity, you are making an investment in your building and everyone within. Both commercial and residential safety film will help prevent the glass from shattering in the event of an impact directly to the glass. Dangerous storms with high winds can cause windows to break and shatter. This could cause the glass to fly into your home or business potentially harming those within. Further, with a shattered window, your loved ones or business can be exposed to the elements. Applying window safety film can help prevent this. Window safety film is available in varying thicknesses to meet every budget. The thicker the film, the better it is at protecting your windows from shattering.


Protect from UV Damage


Using window safety film also has the added value of acting as commercial window tinting. By using the film on your place of business you will protect your interior and merchandise from harmful UV light. Over time, prolonged exposure to UV light can cause paint, carpeting, furniture, and even merchandise near the windows to fade. By using window safety film you get the added benefits that commercial window tinting would give.


Added Privacy


Your home or business will have added privacy with safety window film. This film comes in a variety of colors and prevents people passing by your business from looking in. While from the outside your windows appear to be darker, or reflective, natural light is still able to come into your home or business to light the space. Not only does this give you the added privacy you deserve, but it can help prevent crimes. Your home or business will have extra security if people cannot readily see what is sitting just beyond your windows.


If you are thinking of installing safety window film but still have questions, reach out to the experts. Contact us to learn more about the products we have available. View our gallery to see the many applications for window film and how it will work for your home or office.