If you own or run a small business, you understand how important advertising is. Oftentimes, people are turning to online advertising with paid advertisement placement on targeted websites. While this advertising certainly works, there is a golden opportunity for advertising right in your own store.

Decorative window film is a great way to get your company's message out to the world while using resources that are right in your own store. What makes it great is it can be applied to any window or glass surface. Below, let's take a look at why decorative window film is a great advertising medium.

Bring in More Walk-in Customers

If your business primarily caters to walk-in customers, opting for decorative window film is a good idea. Attractive window displays and stunning decorations on your window glass draws potential customers in and makes them want to see more of your products and services.

Decorative window film is an affordable way to make folks passing by take notice and visit your business.

Transform Plain Glass Windows

Old glass windows with stains will only make a bad impression on potential customers. If you can't afford to get them replaced anytime soon, it is high time to transform them with advertising window film. Besides covering the glass imperfections well, they will also help improve your brand image.

Promote Events & Grand Openings

Walls are typically used as canvases for advertisements and promotions of upcoming events. Consider trying something new by utilizing your windows for the purpose. Get decorative window film from a reputed company to boost sales, and advertise upcoming projects or newly launched items to grab your customers' attention!

Display Company Information

Advertising window films are a great way to get your company's information printed on the windows so that customers can reach you even if your store is closed or they can’t visit your shop.

Print your social media handles, email addresses, contact numbers, store hours, and other details for potential customers to easily check your profiles and check your services online. Consult with a design expert for decorative graphics that will make your storefront stand out and get your brand out there!

What Makes Decorative Window Film Easy to Use?

Along with being a great source of advertising, decorative window films are also economical and efficient to install for effective promotion of your business.

Easy To Change

Applying decorative window film is easy. Installation takes far less time and manpower than the traditional method of etching glass. This means that it is incredibly easy to change or update a design.

Window film can be applied seasonally, or to promote a big sale or event at your business. Having an ever-changing window front is a great form of advertising that will continually stay up to date with your company's objectives.

Cost Effective

As stated above, applying window film takes far less manpower than other traditional methods of window advertising. This allows you to be creative with the window film you choose and change the design regularly. Further, there are various options for the type of window film you want to use. Options range from a wide variety of window films including:

  • Full-coverage decorative films
  • Distraction markers
  • Gradient films
  • Color tint film

Decorative window films can be changed easily and can be mixed and matched to find a combination that suits your budget needs.

Easily Customized

When selecting a window film you can choose one of our already existing design patterns, or you can design your own. The ability to customize window film allows you to make something that is truly original and unique to your company.

No matter the designs, we can easily include your company's logo or branding within the window film. You can decide the design, placement, and type of film you want, and we’ll do the rest.

Choose Sun Control for Beautiful Window Advertising

Decorative window film is an effective, affordable way to advertise. By using space your business already owns, you can take full advantage of promoting your business by applying film to your windows. Let everyone passing see what your company has to offer!

If you are interested in learning more about how Sun Control of Minnesota can help, contact us today. We would love to begin designing your custom window film and start advertising for your company!