Auto window tinting serves many purposes, including enhancing the appeal of a vehicle and giving you a sense of privacy. However, before you invest money into window tint for your car, you should understand what's entailed in the process. You should also educate yourself about window tinting laws in Minnesota to protect yourself from a possible fine. Sun Control of Minnesota, serving Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN and the surrounding area, offers window tinting and educates consumers on how to choose the best window tint for their needs and the law. 



State Laws and Window Tint

One of the most important aspects of auto window tinting is to understand your state laws because only a certain percentage of tint is allowed. All vehicles come from the factory with some level of tint. Generally, it has a transmittance of around 75 percent, which is basically clear glass. SUVs, trucks, and minivans usually have tinted windows in the back which tend to meter out around 15 percent VLT (visible light transmission). 


When it comes to adding window tint to your vehicle, make sure you are aware of your vehicle’s classification because the amount of tint varies depending on the classification of your vehicle (passenger car, SUV, MPV, truck, etc.). All passenger vehicles need to have 50 percent visible light transmission on all windows, whereas trucks, SUVs and minivans can legally have darker window tint on all rear windows if the front driver and passenger side windows meter at the legal limit of 50 percent.



What to Consider When Tinting Windows

First and foremost, you have to understand how the process of tinting works. A professional applies a sheet of colored film at the desired level of tint. Through expertise and skill, the trained individual applies it, so it lasts and doesn't bubble or peel. While it's possible to do the job yourself, results don't always look professional, especially if you haven't done it in the past. Plus, not all options available to the general public are of the best quality. 


You also have to consider the quality of film you choose from a company when you hire someone to complete the job. While it sounds appealing to select the cheaper version when you choose a tint, you'll notice the difference in the final product. 



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