Many of you know that the Minnesota window tint law is very strict. In fact, it is one of the most strict window tint laws in the United States. It states that the visible light transmission (VLT) must be at 50% all the way around on any four door sedan, or two door coupe. As it goes for SUV’s, trucks and mini vans, you can have an unlimited visible light transmission, which means you are able to go as dark as you want in the back, as long as the front two driver and passenger side windows are at 50%. Not only is this frustrating, but it is not providing us with ample protection.


The Minnesota Window Film Association is trying to help make a difference and change the law. All they are asking for is 35% VLT.  This will provide us with many more benefits such as: blocking the UV rays, cutting down the solar heat gain, adding privacy, reducing glare and stress on the eyes, help protect against the shattering of glass, and protecting the interior from fading.


If you want a fair tint law in Minnesota for your vehicle, visit to sign the petition!


Help us change the law and contact your legislature!  All we want is 35%!