Not all window film will provide you with privacy.


However, there are two types of film that will give you privacy.


First, there is the solar control film that acts as a one way mirror during the day, but come night, it allows others to see in. It is a dark film that will only provide you with daytime privacy. If you are looking for complete privacy both day and night, the best way to achieve it is going to be with a blackout film, or a decorative film. So close those shades at night if you don’t want to be seen!


The other film available gives the effect of etched glass or frost. You are not able to see in or out of the window, but all the light sill comes through. This film will give you much more privacy both day and night. We carry  an array of decorative films, so we guarantee that they will cater to your needs.


Depending on how much privacy you are looking for, our films will be able to help you achieve your goal and your look.