*Don’t roll down windows for 3-5 days

*Feed your car lots of sunshine for best curing results-helps dry out moisture

*Clean film with a mild soap and water-use a soft, lint free cloth or squeegee

*Never use brushes or cleaners with excessive amounts of alcohol, ammonia and vinegar



* Drying time is approximately 30 days-Don’t wash windows during this time frame.

*You may notice haziness or a milky appearance-Don’t worry, it is just moisture under the film and it will disappear during the drying time.

*All water bubbles will dry out, but a few small particles or points may be apparent when dry. These points are tiny and are inherent in the use of our adhesive system. An Adhesive of this type is used because it is the only one that will withstand high humidity and window condensation.

*The 1/8″ border you notice is a requirement of the application according to the manufacturer.

* Clean windows with a non abrasive window cleaner. ( Mild soap & water )

*Don’t use anything with ammonia, alcohol or vinegar

*Use a soft cloth or squeegee


With our window film and with proper care, we know you will receive many years of benefit from its presence on your windows.