Did you know that even though the sun isn’t shining, and the clouds look heavy, the dangerous UV rays are still penetrating through? Even though it may be winter, you are still encountering these UV rays, whether you’re in your car, or your home. Stay protected all year round, and apply window film that blocks out 99.9% of both the UVA and the UVB rays.


But blocking the dangerous UV Rays is not the only thing that window film does. Other benefits include: keeping the heat out during the hot summer months, helping to slightly insulate the windows in the cold winter months, reducing the annoying glare, it helps combat the fading, and it gives the windows an added layer of protection, (helps hold the glass together.) Why wouldn’t you want window film!?


And… all of our films are backed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Check out this article from the Skin Cancer Foundation for some more information as to why you should use a window film.



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