Do you ever wonder what really causes things to fade within your home? We all know the sun takes a major part. But what other factors play a role?

Learn what actually causes fading and how to prevent it!

The sun is very powerful and with the sun comes many factors. The harmful UV rays are just one of the factors. Did you know that just because the sun isn’t shining, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting you? Even on cloudy days, the sun is able to penetrate through the clouds and cause damage, which is why all dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen everyday! (even when its overcast)

There are three main factors to take into consideration when it comes to fading.

First, the most obvious, UV rays. Second, the amount of heat coming through and lastly is how much sun and light are filtering in. All three of these items play the biggest part in fading. The more you can combat all three, the better protection you will have to prevent fading. The pie chart below gives an accurate representation of the causes of fading.

Your home is an investment. You spend a lot of money on furnishings, flooring, drapes, and artwork. You certainly do not want them to fade. So, what are the solutions to prevent this?

WINDOW FILM. Did you know they are able to block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays which is the single largest factor in fading? And depending on which film type you choose, you are also able to enjoy up to 79% of the solar heat reduction-Again one of the major factors in fading. Window films are a great solution to fading, although they will not completely stop the fading process, they will definitely prolong the fading itself.

Assessing your sun concerns-What’s the next step?

Step one: Take a look around your home. Do you notice anything that has faded or deteriorated? Is the sun’s heat unbearable in the morning or afternoon? Is it hard to watch TV or work at your computer because of the sun’s glare? If so, window film may be the perfect option.

Step two: Call Sun Control of Minnesota! We offer free in home estimates. Our sales reps come fully prepared with unbeatable knowledge, samples, literature, and an expert opinion on what might work best in your situation.

Don’t be a victim of fading! Protect your home and investments with window film!