Window Film works in many ways-Blocking out UV rays, reducing heat and glare. But did you know you can create privacy with window film?

There are two ways to create privacy with window film.

1.Decorative/frost films. These films are opaque. While no one is able to see in or out, the light is still able to filter through. This film works great for sidelights next to an entry door, bathroom windows, and conference rooms. The best part? These films are cheaper than etched glass and there are no design limitations.

2.Solar film is the other option for privacy. When it comes to solar film, the darker the film is the more reflective it will be-causing it to appear like a one-way mirrored film. However, this film ONLY provides day time privacy. At night, when the lights are on people will be able to see in. This film also only works in certain lighting conditions. There must be more light on the side you want to appear reflective, if not, the film does not work.  You can reference the chart below to get a better idea of how it works.

Window films are a great and simple solution when it comes to adding privacy. Whether it is residential or commercial use, these films will cater to your privacy needs. Call Sun Control of Minnesota for more information or to set up a free estimate!