Important details about Sun Control Window Film and maintenance for residential and commercial window film applications.


As with all products containing an adhesive system, a drying time is necessary for the achievement of the proper bond to the window. During this process, some changes may be observed. So that you will understand these differences, we would like to note some of them for you. They are completely normal and should be expected to occur.

**Drying time will be approximately 30 days. Please do not wash your windows during this period.

**Any haziness you may see is water under the film. You will see less and less of this as the days pass.

**A milky appearance might be experienced, but it too disappears during the drying period.

**All water bubbles will dry out, but a few small particles or points may be apparent when dry. These points are very tiny and are inherent in the use of our adhesive system. An adhesive of this type is used because it is the only one that will withstand high humidity and window condensation.

**Do not press or touch any bubbles as this causes the moisture to spread to dry areas resulting in bubbles that do not go away.

**The 1/8″ border you notice is a requirement of the application according to the manufacturer.

**Cleaning should be done using any non-abrasive window cleaning solution and wiping with a soft towel or squeegee. No alcohol, ammonia or vinegar. Please no paper towels.

NOTE: Sometimes a customer feels that he or she sees a defect in the film when it is in fact in the glass. It is quite natural that one should look closely at a new purchase, but at times we observe things that were always there but never before noticed. A good rule to follow is to look at the installation from four feet away. This is the manner in which we normally look through a window and the way in which you should observe the product…looking through it, not at it.

With proper care, we know you will receive many years of benefit from its presence on your windows.

–Sun Control MN Staff