Did you know we recently moved?! And one of the most exciting things (Dunkin’ Donuts!) happens to be right next door. It is almost a win-lose situation for us (if you know what we mean!)

Although we didn’t chose our new neighbor, we did plan some of our projects in our new space. Having tall ceilings and an open space called for some warmth. Which is why we reached out to Manomin Resawn Timbers for antique barn wood. We made a feature wall with the wood and added a stainless sign of our logo. Repositioning our lights brought more attention to both the wall and sign. We love how it tied together the industrial look we have, but added some much needed warmth. Our handy installers were able to install the feature wall! It’s so nice to have so much talent within our team! We are still working on getting everything set up the way we want it, but step by step we are getting on track!

Make sure to stop by our new location and don’t forget to swing by Dunkin’ Donuts for a warm coffee!