Protect your property and maintain your image with 3M Anti Graffiti Film. Offering solutions when it comes to protecting glass surfaces, Graffiti Film helps protect against all forms of graffiti and tagging such as scratches, acid-etching and gouges. Susceptible areas include retail, public facilities and any street-level glass applications. Anti-graffiti coatings also provide a protective barrier in elevators, escalators, bathroom/dressing room mirrors and glass countertops.


Replacing glass is expensive and the removal of graffiti is time consuming which is why anti graffiti film is a great option for many business owners. Being proactive is the best case scenario when it comes anti graffiti film. Protect before the damage occurs. And if vandalism does occur, it’s a quick phone call to us to have the film replaced.


The above photo represents how graffiti film works. This property was tagged but the issue was easily resolved by having the graffiti film already in place. Keeping the actual surface clean and intact is one of the many benefits of anti graffiti film.



  • Helps repel intentional attempts to gouge, deface, or destroy surfaces.
  • Helps protect glass from permanent damage caused by glass etching solutions.
  • Helps resist scratching and abrasion caused by sharp objects or devices.
  • Adheres clearly and firmly to glass, but can be removed leaving little or no residue.
  • May be applied to either interior or exterior locations such as glass, windows, and mirrors.
  • Easy to apply and clean without the use of harmful and abrasive chemicals


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**Thanks to Climate Pros for the awesome photo and inspiration behind this article!