There are a few options when it comes to window film for your vehicle and knowing the difference can play a big role. Not all window films are created the same which is why we only carry reputable manufacturers that are backed by a lifetime warranty. You spend a lot of money on your car, so choosing a film that doesn’t bubble or discolor is a priority. Below are our favorite films and why we love them.


3M FX Premium—A non-metallized dyed film that keeps you connected; this particular film is a great entry based product. Glare reduction, 99% UV protection and blocking 32% of the total solar energy (heat), this film provides many benefits at a great price.


Sun Control Ceramic—A high quality nano ceramic film that doesn’t interfere with electronics and offers optimal heat rejection for improved comfort. It’s true charcoal coloring escalates your vehicle’s appearance adding style and protection.This also blocks out 99% of the UV rays, helps reduce glare and rejects up to 54% of the total solar energy (heat). This particular film is the best bang for your buck.


3M Crystalline—3M’s breakthrough nano technology offers superior heat rejection while maintaining your vehicle’s appearance. With over 200 layers of film combined, this film is the best when it comes to blocking the total solar energy, in fact it rejects up to 60% of the incoming heat. Manufactured and intended to be light, Crystalline window film blocks more heat than most dark films and let’s you see safely and clearly. Also rejecting 99.9% of the harmful UV rays this film keeps your car’s occupants and interior safe. A great innovative film with the highest heat rejection available.


It all comes down to personal preference when choosing the right film. Whether you’re looking to achieve a better aesthetic, keep cool, or protect from the harmful UV rays, anyone of these films will help guide you in the right direction. No matter which of these three films you choose, you are making a great decision. They all represent what we believe in as an authorized dealer—providing you with the highest quality products available.


Feel free to visit our showroom where you can feel the difference between the films! Or stop in for coffee and doughnuts! (Conveniently located next to dunkin donuts!)


-Sun Control Staff