Wondering why you are spending a fortune on your electric bill? The simple explanation is that your home might be using a lot more electricity than it needs to.

An easy solution is to implement a few energy-efficient improvements throughout your home. Besides substantially cutting down on your energy bills, you’ll also make your home more comfortable throughout the year.

In this post from Sun Control of Minnesota, we’ll discuss seven easy tips on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your monthly energy bill. With a few additions and DIYs, you can now make your home more comfortable and save some money as well

Here are some ways you can boost your home's energy efficiency!

1. Run the Large Appliances at Night

Large appliances, including the washer, dryer, and dishwasher, tend to use a lot of energy and are usually run for extended periods. Try shifting your washing clothes/dishes time to the evening or anytime on the weekends to help run the machines more efficiently.

Additionally, choose the shorter cycle option for washing or rinsing dishes on your appliances.

2. Make Sure to Test Windows & Doors

Is your room not warming or cooling correctly even though the windows and doors are shut? The problem could be the gaps in the sealing. Without an airtight seal, you could be wasting a ton of energy(and money).

To check the seal, light a candle and hold it around your window/door; if it flickers, you have a draft. Try Installing a door sweep or a window in the colder months to help increase efficiency. Moreover, home window films also do a great job of cutting down your electricity bills and improving your home's energy efficiency.

3. Always Seal the Ductwork

Since air can escape through joints in the ductworks, your home won’t heat up properly in winters.

What’s more, you'll be paying to heat places that don't need to be heated. For instance, the hot air may escape to the basement or the attic while the areas you want to heat, like your rooms, will be left out.

Applying heat-vent tape to the joints may help seal the ductwork and prevent air escape.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Things Around Your Home

We usually tend to forget to turn off the lights, electronic devices, ventilation fans, and other energy consumption devices when we leave our rooms.

These devices/lights can increase your utility bills by a great deal. Make sure to turn off unnecessary things around your home when they are not in use to help boost your home’s energy efficiency and cut down costs.

5. Remove the Chargers

Most people forget to unplug their chargers once their devices are fully charged. You’ll be surprised to learn that chargers plugged in draw power even if no devices are connected.

Make sure you unplug devices such as your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops once charged so they don't keep drawing energy.

6. Try Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is an excellent addition to your bedroom, which will help keep your room cool instead of the whole house.

Moreover, you'll find many ceiling fans with reverse options as well. This is incredibly helpful in colder months since it helps the fans push the hot air down into the room.

7. Don't Forget to Clean Your Machines

Did you know that not cleaning your machines can lead to more energy loss? Yes, it’s true.

When the vent of your refrigerator or freezer gets clogged with dust, the motors in the vent will need more energy since it needs to work harder.

Cleaning these areas a few times a year will help save energy and cut down costs.

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